Jr. Energy Programs

Premier Skills Clinics and Competitive Teams!

Our Camps clinics and teams are offered during spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Our program focuses on the most important part of basketball-fundamentals! Each player will be divided into a group with her age group and/or like skill levels to ensure each is being placed in the best situation for them to be most successful!

Skills covered include:

Shooting Shooting efficiency (taking out all wasted motion in the shot leading to a quicker release and more consistency)

Foot Work Catch and shoot (release the ball faster and with more consistency by understanding proper techniques to the catch and shoot) Catch and square (teach players how to catch and square up helping them establish correct pivot foot and load their legs for their shot and an explosive 1st step)

Triple Threat Creating space out of triple threat (making more efficient moves out of triple threat / creating space out of triple threat in the form of step backs and dribble moves / reading the defense out of triple threat / keys to making you hard to guard).

Finishing Ability to be deceptive by changing speeds and using correct body positioning while taking contact Practice several different finishes that will make them more effective when attacking the basket

Ball handling Techniques that will make you harder to guard and give you advantages against quicker and stronger players. Advanced Ball-Handling Drills with contact that transfers to immediate game success

Post Moves and Finishing Inside Learn the proper footwork, mentality, and strategies to score in the post and various situations near the basket. There is a heavy emphasis on footwork and you’ll learn how to become a more dominate scorer inside. Our athletes will be practicing each skill while then able to apply them in competitive ‘game like’ situations.

Getting Open You will learn how to get open, how to seal, and how to get more touches in the post. Most players make the mistake of following the ball. Coach Van Anderson will teach you how to utilize footwork and angles to get open in the post.

Defense and Rebounding One of the most important things that a post player has to do through the course of a game is defend. No other position on the floor has as many defensive responsibilities as the post player. You will learn how to exploit your opponent’s weakness and utilize positioning and footwork to make you a better post defender.

Our mission: To create a positive, motivating and encouraging atmosphere for young athletes to evolve into the best basketball player(s) through innovative drills and training techniques collected from high school, college and professional basketball all around the world!

Our Vision: Athletes will gain a better knowledge of the game, game situations, mental toughness and how to approach each game/practice/clinic/life with confidence and positive self-talk. Each session will consist of a ‘word of the day’ and a positive message to apply in sport, school and at home.

Our Goal: At Portland Energy Basketball our goal is to transcend basketball lessons into life lessons. As coaches, we want our players to become team players in a successful program which functions as a family and, in doing so, helps them become better people.  We look to achieve our goal by reinforcing a positive attitude and encouraging our players to give there all, in all aspects of life.


Portland Jr. Energy Basketball is excited to start our Fall Season! Teams will play in the Hoop league and other tournaments

Our Premier Skills Clinics and Teams are continuing to grow and expand throughout the Portland area.  

  • Dates of the start of the season will be available once the governor allows team sports

**Jr. Energy Teams**

Grade: 6th-7th Grade Boys
Try-outs: September 1st & 2nd
Location: Portland Athletic Club 6:30-8pm
5803 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Portland, OR 97221

Games:  Begin in Sept 17th-Oct 17th (12 games)

Time: 6:30-8pm

Price: $399 (season will end in June)

Grade: 8th Grade Boys
Try-outs: September 1st & 2nd 8-9:30pm
Location: (TBD)
Games:  Begin in Sept 17th-Oct 17th (12 games)
Time: 8-9:30pm (practice time will be an hour and half between this block of time)
Price: $399 (season will end in June)

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